What's in the box

There’s a thank you note from us. If you are in a really big hurry, the note has some instructions on getting started with your Linkitz.

There’s a cable. (Moms and Dads - this is a standard USB to micro USB cable).

There's a wristband.

And there are some little bags hold the electronic parts, or as we engineers call them: “components”.



The Hub

This yellow, triangle-shaped piece is the Hub. It’s the “brains” of Linkitz. It has a microprocessor inside, which is a tiny computer, and a battery to power it and the other components. When you program your Linkitz, you are programming the Hub.

All the petals plug into the Hub. You can plug in up to three petals at a time.


THe LED Petal

This is the LED petal. It has LEDs inside. LEDs are tiny lights. You can change the color of the light they make. The LED petal has to be attached to the Hub for it to work.

All the other components have LEDs in them, too.


The Motion Petal

This is the Motion petal. It has a motion sensor inside. This tells the hub that the Linkitz is being moved and in what direction it is tilted. It also has LEDs in it.

The Motion petal has to be attached to the Hub for it to work.



This is the USB petal. It is what you use to charge and program your Linkitz. It also has LEDs inside. On the edge, there is a little opening. The cable plugs into the USB petal when you want to program or charge your Linkitz. The other end plugs into your computer. The LED petal must be plugged into the Hub to charge, program or light up.

You can also use it just like an LED petal when you are not programming or charging.