Hands-on with making electronics

What makes Linkitz different from the other kids wearables out there? Hands-on experience with making wearables from real electronic components!

Why is this important? Linkitz is designed to encourage exploration. Kids can experiment with connecting different Linkitz together to see how that changes the behavior of their toy. "Children learn best when they are encouraged to explore, interact, create, and play" [1] and Linkitz give them the opportunity for active learning. 

Our interchangeable links let kids experiment with connecting components to make all kinds of wearables!
With Linkitz, kids can:
- Make a friendship bracelet that lights up to let them know that friends are nearby.
- Make it light up in different colors for their best friend or team.
- Use it to send secret coded messages.
- Add sound effects to games and alerts.
- Use the microphone and speaker to make a walkie-talkie.
- Use the motion link to play a game like Simon(TM) or Bop It (TM).
- Learn to program!

[1] M. Thompkins, in Active learning: Making it happen in your program. In N. A. A. Brickman and L. S. Taylor (Eds.), Supporting young learners, 5–13. Ypsilanti, MI: High/Scope Press.