Hello, World! Meet Lily!


Who is Lily Linkitz?

Linkitz knows that every little girl has at least one superpower: whether you excel at reading, writing, math, sports or if you’re a good friend at school, you’re a superhero in our books!

And every superhero needs a sidekick! Someone smart, intelligent, fun, and up for a challenge. Ready to take it to the next level!  

Welcome Lily Linkitz! Lily is your ultimate Linkitz sidekick. She knows that exploring is a great way to learn something new and to make friends.

Lily is here to inspire all our future tech titans, and to let them know that whatever they imagine, they can create!

Lily will always be nearby to lend a hand as girls explore how Linkitz works.

Say hello to Lily and the Linkitz team - we’re chatty! Click, like or Tweet @LinkitzToys or visit us on Facebook and let us know your superpower!

We cannot wait for you to see Lily’s official unveiling in our app - but you need to stay tuned!

And read about our Kickstarter here.

Meet Lily Linkitz, the ultimate Linkitz sidekick! 

Meet Lily Linkitz, the ultimate Linkitz sidekick!