Stylish Learning

Some of you may have heard of the idea of "learning styles". Although most educators no longer believe that children are 'programmed' to fit one or more models of learner, I think all would agree that it's important to engage multiple senses.  Young children in particular learn by experiencing and by doing. Think back to when you learned how to tie your shoes or do up buttons: did the pictures in a book help? Did practice? Or both?

The Linkitz team knows that children learn best and are happiest when they're stimulated by multiple sensory inputs. That's why we've designed our links to take advantage of as many senses as we can! Let's check it out:

  • Sight. Boy oh boy, do we have this one covered! The links themselves come in multiple bright colors.  Several links use colored light to engage and communicate with users. The links are color-coded. And of course, they are all customizable with our visual programming interface.
  • Sound. We have links that use sound as both an input and an output. Some combinations of links can be used as like a musical instrument, and others encourage kids to explore the connections between sound, light and movement.
  • Touch. Linkitz feel great in your hands. Manipulative toys like Lego are one of our biggest inspirations, and our motion link is designed to appeal to kinaesthetic learners.  As we grow, we'll be adding haptic feedback links as well. Would you like to let your someone know you're thinking about him or her in a non-obtrusive way? Send a buzz!
  • Smell. What about scented link? We know how to make one! If you think this would be great, you can join our mailing list or email us and let us know.
  • Taste. We have to pass on this one. Linkitz are too big to swallow, and non-toxic, but please, don't put them in your mouth!

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