Girls and Tech

There is a lot of talk about the lack of representation of women in tech, and it is deserved. Although virtually the same percentage of elementary school aged girls and  boys report liking math and science, by the time they get to college, young women have fled technical majors in droves: only 18% of all college engineering majors are female.

Why is it important to encourage girls to explore technology? There are many reasons!

  • Technology is ever-present in our lives, and girls should have a role in designing the technology that shapes the world they live in.
  • Eight out of the 10 growth jobs of the future require technology skills. When girls avoid technology, they get shut out of the best jobs.
  • By not encouraging girls to go into technology, we are depriving ourselves of half the thinkers and half the world changing ideas that girls might have discovered. 
  • Finally, and most importantly, working in technology is fun! It's like solving puzzles and problems.

Studies have shown that one factor that can inspire girls to pursue tech is to give young girls the opportunity to explore building and "making" using technology, so they can develop spatial skills, problem solving skills,  and confidence.

We believe that by encouraging girls to play with technology today, we can inspire a future generation of women with a lifelong interest in tech!