Getting closer

Linkitz prototypes.

Linkitz prototypes.

We are past the half-way point of our stay in Shenzhen, and Linkitz has come a long way. When we arrived here we had an Arduino prototype and a concept rendering of what we wanted Linkitz to look like. Now we have prototypes you can hold in your hand, and inside them are the electronics that make Linkitz work!

In the photo above, you can see a few generations of Linkitz. Can you tell them apart? The blue, purple, and green ones at the top were printed by a lower-resolution 3D printer, and we polished  and painted them by hand. The others were printed with a high-resolution machine and were spray painted to give them a smooth, glossy finish.

You might notice that these do not have the translucent appearance of the Links in our rendering. Sharp eyes! We can't make translucent colored prototypes by 3D printing. There is transparent-no color, and opaque filament for the 3D printer, but no transparent colored filament. One we move to the final process for creating the Links, we will use tinted clear plastic in a "sanded" mold, which will create the translucent appearance.

We are very excited as Linkitz get closer and closer to being ready to play with!