Princesses and Real Girls

We were delighted to see that Disney Interactive is using the extremely popular Anna and Elsa to teach girls how to code. Using a visual programming language, girls (and boys!) can create snowflakes and snowmen and perform "magical ice craft".

That got us thinking: what if other Disney Princesses could use the power of technology to solve their problems?

Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty could use CAD software and 3D printing to create a child-safe spindle.

Snow White Could use holograms to hide the dwarf cottage in plain sight, and hack together a DIY perimeter alarm system as backup.

Cinderella could program an army of robots to do household chores, then become a successful home robotics entrepreneur and buy her own castle.

Belle could get a PhD in synthetic biology and develop cures for rare disfigurements brought by on by curses.

It's no fairy tale! There are real, exciting things girls can do with technology if they are given the encouragement to investigate STEM.