Wearable Toys that Teach Kids to Code


Imagine. Make. Play.

Linkitz is a new kind of wearable made just for kids. Linkitz is modular -- every link is a little electronic toy with its own behavior that kids can play with right out of the box. No mobile device or cell phone contract is needed!

What makes Linkitz different is that the links snap together, allowing kids to create their own wearable that can do anything -- sparkle when a friend is near, send secret messages, or chime along with a hand-clapping game. Swap links in and out to create something new. The possibilities are endless!

Linkitz is designed for kids and doesn't require any knowledge of programming, but Linkitz comes with a kid-friendly visual programming language that lets kids change how their links behave. Instead of "teaching" programming, Linkitz believes in giving kids age-appropriate programming tools and a great reason to use them!

We've been working on bringing Linkitz to life for two years, and we are getting closer every day. Watch for news coming soon!  We can't wait to get Linkitz to you!

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Meet the people bringing you Linkitz

Lyssa Neel

Founder / CEO

Lyssa Neel, Founder / CEO

A computer scientist by training, Lyssa is passionate about sharing her love for programming. Before co-founding Linkitz, she served as CEO and CTO for several IT start-ups in the United States and Canada. She also co-founded the University of Toronto Early Stage Technology program. Lyssa is a graduate of MIT, where she received SB, SM, and PhD degrees from the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Drew Macrae

Founder / CTO

Drew Macrae, CTO

Drew is a lifelong engineer: he has been taking things apart since he was five years old, and putting them back together since he was seven (sorry, Dad!). Before co-founding Linkitz, Drew was a Silicon Architecture Engineer at Intel, and previously worked at Tesla Motors and Mentor Media. Drew has a Bachelor's degree in Engineering from Harvey Mudd College. An all-around player, Drew leads both the mechanical and electrical engineering efforts at Linkitz.

Chris Wallace


Chris Wallace, CMO

Chris holds a Doctorate in Classics from the University of Toronto. His research has been published around the globe and translated into four languages. He has been teaching for more than a decade and loves helping kids realize how much they already know. Chris makes sure that Linkitz will delight kids, satisfy parents and support teachers.